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Steps to Arranging a Funeral in Liverpool

Our funeral directors in Liverpool have the experience and sensitivity to tailor the funeral. No two ceremonies are the same, wherever in Liverpool or the Merseyside area you plan to hold the funeral, and our directors pride themselves on respecting your wishes and ensuring the day goes smoothly.

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Our funeral counselors available in Liverpool.

Charlotte Runius
Funeral counselor
Rory Robinson
Funeral counselor
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Danny Taylor
Funeral counselor
Danny Taylor
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Our Liverpool Funeral Directors: By Your Side

Many people come to Liverpool Funeral Directors with very little idea of how funerals work. When you lose a friend or loved one, the idea of organising a funeral won’t be the first thing that you consider. The process of grief can be made even more stressful if you don’t have the help and expertise you need to create the ideal funeral without a lot of hassle.

We know just how important it is to have the peace of mind of an expert with you. Every step of the process may be alien to you, but our expert team have been through every step and possible permutation before. That puts us in the ideal position to give the attention and personal service you require at this time.

Our detailed plan takes into account all different types of funeral, religious ceremonies and humanist, and locations including the Kirkdale Cemetery and Springwood Crematorium. Whatever location and service type you’re looking for, our team is dedicated to providing.

Our years of experience and expertise means we can provide you with help at every juncture. On top of this, Liverpool Funeral Directors will give you a quote free of charge to see if we can help with your budget.

Our caring and sensitive advisers will be happy to talk to you and advise on the legal and practical side of planning a funeral for a loved one in the Merseyside area. The emotional strain of the time can no doubt be helped by having someone who knows the process and cares about giving the highest level of service. That’s where we come in.

Personal & free funeral advice in Liverpool.

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How We Help to Implement Your Funeral Plans in Liverpool

Whatever the nature of the ceremony, our directors can serve and advise you every step of the way. We’re proud of just how flexible we can be, and whether you’re ready to come and chat to us in a meeting room or would rather have your discussions via telephone or the internet, our advisers can accommodate.

Our Liverpool funeral directors know that it can be a tricky time with a lot of questions if you haven’t done it before. Once you start planning the funeral you might realise how many steps need to be taken, from booking the flowers to creating an obituary, and even paperwork like registering a death.

In Liverpool, like the rest of the UK, people usually try to put funerals together within a couple of weeks of the death. It is incredibly difficult to take this on if you are grieving, but our team can be at your service. Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge, and take a weight off your mind.
Liverpool Funeral Directors can show you all of the steps that you need to take for the funeral procession and even provide legal advice for the next steps, including dealing with the estate of the deceased.

It is imperative that a funeral day runs perfectly to plan, our team’s whole ethos is built around knowing the importance of the ceremony, and the fact that you want the day to reflect your loved one, and give a tribute that you can be proud of. That’s why we put so much care and detailed planning into every unique ceremony.

Things our team can help you to plan and understand

  • The time and location of the ceremony.
  • Whether you have a religious or humanist ceremony.
  • The choice between a cremation and a burial, and what each entails
  • The guests invited to mourn together.
  • Any memorial service or wake
  • The obituary that you make public or hand out in the ceremony.
  • Selecting a coffin or urn
  • Your deceased loved one’s clothing for their burial
  • Any flowers you want for the hearse or to decorate the venue
  • Any documents and paperwork that needs to be completed
  • Dealing with life insurance and the paperwork that this can entail.
  • Inheritance and the estate of the deceased, and any legal help you may need.

Our personal advice is free of charge for funerals in Liverpool.

Book personal and free counseling with one of our experienced counselors.
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We are here to help you

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions.

01. What are the first steps to take when someone passes?

When you are grieving, it can be very difficult to deal with the paperwork and difficult planning and administration required. Things like registering the death and getting the ball rolling to create the ideal Liverpool funeral are essential even in this time of grief. Our free call can give you a quote and discuss how we can help with your needs.

02. What types of funerals can be arranged in Liverpool?

Religious ceremonies are still incredibly popular in Liverpool, The Wirral and Merseyside, and there is a diverse culture. Our team of funeral directors can advise no matter what type of funeral you are looking to hold. There is also the option of a humanist ceremony without any religious affiliation. You can hold the ceremony inline with the wishes of your deceased loved one.

03. Is a cremation or burial a better option?

Although a cremation is usually more affordable, either option can be considered an effective way to dispose of the body. It is all about what your loved one has planned, and what your family prefers for the funeral. Our funeral directors in Liverpool can show you options for venues for either cremations or burials.

04. What areas are covered by Liverpool Funeral Directors?

Liverpool is a big city, with the local councils managing many different crematoriums as well as cemeteries. From Everton to Vauxhall, Anfield to Kirkdale, and even further afield in the Wirral area, our funeral directors in Liverpool can speak to the relevant councils and provide you with options around the city for your ceremony to take place.

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